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Italian Taste in Trafalgar

Event: Italians of London Aperitivo at Bianco43

Fridays after work are always a question mark. What am I going to do tonight? Who is down for a drink? What’s the best restaurant to go in London? These are just some of the questions that pester our minds every Friday, whenever we are ready to unplug from work and start the weekend.

Italians Of London was able to find a single answer by gathering over 100 people to one of one the coolest restaurant in the heart of London: Bianco43.

On Friday March 24th, one of the best aperitivo went on in Trafalgar Square. Dozens of people walked into Bianco43 and enjoyed amazing Italian food accompanied by sweet Spritzs and good wine.

What was impressive is that people went crazy for the food: pasta, pizza, cold cuts, fresh mozzarella and calamari delighted the palate of everybody. True, who isn’t hungry or starving after work? However, when you see men and women “food brawling” after 3 hours on a full stomach that means the food had to be more than good. And it was!

Bianco43 is a chain of sorts, with sister restaurants in Blackheath and Greenwich. Massimo and Fabrizio do an amazing job to keep the atmosphere and the quality of the restaurant at its best: Massimo is a great entertainer, the way he was talking to every person present in his restaurant shows how great food and service alone sometimes are not enough. Fabrizio was busy welcoming the guests and running the orders at the cash.

The key of success of Bianco43 is teamwork. Everybody does his or her job, and they perform it very well: the chefs by cooking fantastic food, the pizzaioli by making a perfectly cooked wood-oven pizza, the staff by making sure everything is delivered on time. The service was impeccable: a member of the staff, Ilaria, has worked so hard all night and delivered a service with was unique in our opinion. We have rarely seen somebody to be very professional and calm at the same time, while zigzagging through a restaurant crowd.

Bianco43 also has a good selection of wines, which are all at sight of customers and guests. The atmosphere, especially inside the room, is beautiful and eating inside is pleasant.

And the pizza? Memorable. For the dough from the example of Naples, leavening never falls below the 24 hours spent. The dough, tasty and digestible, is the key element that makes Bianco’s Pizza Margherita one of the best in London. Condiments are seasonal and fresh (which is why the menu varies depending on the season); and then there is the wood oven, that makes the pizza soft and tender.

So, what to say? It was a memorable night and everybody was delighted and happy. Be it for an aperitivo or a romantic dinner, Bianco43 is able to satisfy any of your request and deliver exactly what your looking for, with smile and professionalism, and with that little Neapolitan touch that never goes out of style.

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