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How to Win a Long Distance Relationship

Whoever does not know, my girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. She is in Boston, I am in London. Does that sound familiar to you? 

We met in 2013 in America, and we have spread our love across oceans since then. Being 3,000 miles from the one you love is very challenging, but if you really love someone, it is worth the wait. Being in a long distance relationship makes you realize what’s important in life and what really matters. 

Here are some tips on how me and my girlfriend Giulia have been winning our long distance relationship. 

1. Communicate: A lot!

Communication is the key to make everything worth. Prioritize time, and find time for the ones you love. Me and Giulia face five hours of time difference, which is pretty challenging. Whether it is for one hour a day or more, we always find time for one another. Even if its for a good morning or goodnight message or call, always let your partner know that you are thinking of them. We are always faced with crazy and busy schedules, but we never end our days without sending our goodnight messages. Let your partner know how you feel, and it is important to express your feelings. Do not keep your feelings inside. 

2. Visit often

With all the time spent apart, we always look forward to our special days, seeing each other. There is no better gift than seeing the one you love walk through the airport doors. Airports and airplanes reunite us. Whenever we are far, we always have our tickets planned for when we will see each other again. Spring Break, Christmas vacation, and any holiday we get, we always make sure we spend them together. These moments are precious. We make sure to catch up on important moments, and live our partner’s routine. Giulia and I will continue to cross the world for one another, for as long as we have to. 

3. Keep the spark alive

This can be one of the hardest parts of a long distance relationship. It can be very easy to loose the spark, but it is important to make sure you do fall into the trap of a long distance relationship. You do not have to do  something crazy to keep the spark alive. It’s the simplest things! Like a dinner together, for instance. Me and my girlfriend Giulia love to go on food dates. Yes, it can be done even if we are not physically together. All you need, is a little bit of imagination and pretending to be in the same place.  Be creative, and you can find countless ways to feel close to each other.  Coffee dates, movie dates,  helping each other with homework or building a project. You can do anything to just focus on you and your partner. 

Last thing, you really have to make sure that’s what you want and give it 101%. There will be so many days you will feel down, need a hug. The key is to always look forward and to have a mutual goal. 

Are you in a long distance relationship? What are your tips to survive it? 

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